Cyber Security Is More Important Than Ever Before!

With the onset of technology and digitality in every other aspect of our life either personal or professionals, cyber safety threat has become a potential menace. Especially, large corporations, including banks and multinational institutions are have recently come across major cyber-attacks and data breaches impacting the global market. Verizon in its Data Breach Investigation Finding 2015 has claimed significant figures an organization have to devote to every one thousand stolen records. The range is between $52,000 and $87,000.

To the foremost, we have become so dependent on the digital world either on making financial transactions online or forming a relationship with strangers, it is important than ever that we become aware of common threats in cyberspace.

Confirming that, we have highlighted some critical points beneath related to why cyber security is so important today.

What Is Cyber Safety?

Cyber security refers to protecting data and the systems on which it is either stored or transmitted from one place to another. Every single second million of data is being shared, accessed, read, and stored. This digital data might not always be shared through a safe medium or in other words, the medium from which the data is accessed or shared might be susceptible to being intercepted. This data can be anything from a photograph to a video, or from a bank account number to any MNC’s financial report.

How It Can Cost You?

Loss or theft of data can cost you enormously. The loss may or may not be limited to finance since you might end up losing the reputation of your brand and the trust of your clients. Thereby, if you are a business owner, there is a critical need to start a cyber safety awareness program in your office amid your staff and run a data evaluation program. You can also use software for protection. A common man should stay aware of data discrepancies and common cyber threats while using the digital network for sharing their personal information including bank details, address, identity, etc.

Preventive Measures

  • Use endpoint protection: Endpoint protection software will ensure that your data remain protected even when the employees are accessing the information and work through their devices like phone and tablet.
  • Use the latest software and keep them up to date
  • Always backup your data: You must update and secure your data in strong and safe backup software.
  • Use firewall:  Firewalls are extremely important in stopping any malicious cyber-attack.
  • Manage accessibility of each system: By managing and controlling access to data and systems, you will keep the reign in your hand and manage the functioning better. USBs and other external devices should not be allowed to keep the system free from any virus attack.
  • Make sure encryption of communication
  • Provide each employee with a personal account to access for work and communication instead of allowing everyone to use one.
  • Keeping individual passwords for each device, system, and work.
  • Tests should be performed to assure data storage security and to detect weaknesses, as well as to ensure data encryption in transit and ease of decryption to ensure data availability. Addressing these vulnerabilities as they’re uncovered helps to safeguard your business against typical web application vulnerabilities.


Since the internet, today has become an integral part of our life. Ensuring limited usage, controlled accessibility, and performing regular data evaluation plans will help you get a better grip and safety in the cyber world.

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