Can IT Ever Be Green?

They say that every time someone does a Google search it expends as much energy as boiling a kettle. This is a bit of an exaggeration, but it does allude to an important point: that whilst IT appears to be relatively good for the environment, whenever we use computers or the internet we are having an impact on the world around us. How negative this impact is depends on a range of factors, but is it possible to have a green IT infrastructure?The biggest cost to the environment, in terms of IT, is data servers. We mentioned Google earlier, and they and other large companies handle inordinate amounts of data is massive data centres, which consume huge amounts of energy. Data centres can be made more energy efficient however, and everything from the way they are constructed to where they are situated affects their sustainability.

Software and algorithms can have an impact on the environment too. Software is run so extensively around the world, that things like algorithmic efficiency are starting to really matter for the environment. Computers that labour to run programmes use up more energy and have a more negative impact on the environment.

There are many power management strategies that your business can implement today, in house. Look at the power saving options for your operating system, and ensure that your staff understand the nuts and bolts of energy efficiency, e.g. not leaving computers on standby. A computer support company can help your develop a green IT infrastructure, look for IT support services and business IT support online.

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