Determine Cost Of Bandwidth Before Seeking One

It could be that the entrepreneur is running his own site to promote his brand of business, services or products. It is a well-known fact that web hosting does cost a good amount, since there is required additional bandwidth or disc space. However, if the person is running a website having plenty of videos and pictures or has just uploaded several contents to the site, then there required good amount of internet bandwidth. This is to ensure high speed, better connectivity and performance. In case, additional bandwidth is not purchased, then the site is likely to get shut down completely. This is something that is not desired. It is necessary to purchase that additional bandwidth.

How to determine bandwidth cost?

Purchasing bandwidth of good amount can be quite expensive. There are many first-time users, who may select a particular package, but end up only wasting precious money in the process. The reason is because, they do not know exactly how to calculate their usage and purchase accordingly. One can come across the best bandwidth calculator online by which they can determine the amount of bandwidth to be used and the price that they need to pay for availing the same.

Some steps to follow for bandwidth usage and cost calculation

Firstly, the person has to collect web page analytics. The stats can help to know the number of visitors to the site and the pages that they view. Some of the amazing tools that can be used are Google Analytics, Clicky web analytics, Yahoo! Web analytics, etc. The numbers identified from the search is to be jotted down.

While the analytics specify the number of people visiting the site and indirectly, it will not exactly state the quantity of bandwidth used. By having WebHost manager in the control panel, ‘Account Information’ menu can be found. Here, the user can check out ‘View Bandwidth Usage’. This will state precisely the quantity of bandwidth that the site is using currently. Not every site may have WebHost manager. This can prove to be a trouble for those who would like to constantly know their site bandwidth usage. The web host can be in a position to state the amount of bandwidth used. There is also present internet bandwidth calculator that is reliable and can be safely used to determine the quantity used.

Once the used bandwidth numbers are ready in hand, including the page view amount that the site enjoys, there is a need to have the page view numbers divided into bandwidth amount present. The returned number is likely to specify the quantity of bandwidth that is being used by a visitor, each time he visits the site. These numbers are to be used and plugged into the ready to use bandwidth calculator to get the results instantly.

Using a good calculator

It would be useful to use a net bandwidth calculator offered by a reputed and reliable site. The results offered by it need to be accurate and quick.

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