Why Buy Audio Visual Equipment in an Age of Internet Communication Tools?

In this digital age when we can connect with anyone, anywhere in the world, for free, just so long as we have an internet connection, it may seem strange that companies across the world are still buying audio visual systems for video conferencing. However, whilst those sat at home wanting to talk to a friend overseas may well benefit greatly from the numerous online video call sites now available, businesses will find fewer benefits.

Not only will video conferencing cost money through those companies that offer it free to ordinary individuals but such companies will also offer far less scope and a huge reduction in quality when compared to professional audio visual equipment and professional video conferencing.

Having individuals all sitting in one room in front of numerous computers will make things rather confusing for those trying to make contact with individuals in another office or country, and whilst professional video conferencing facilities will allow teams to be seen in their entirety and for meetings to progress like a normal meeting in the process, using slightly lower cost online tools will lead to numerous different faces being displayed on tiny screens and confusion reigning supreme as a result.

For those who only need to make face to face video calls with one other individual, cheaper online tools may well be perfectly fine, but for those that need to conduct professional meetings with those in other locations – and especially when they need to converse with individuals from multiple locations – it will be vital to use professional audio visual tools instead.

The other benefit of professional video conference equipment is that it can often double up as general audio visual equipment. Furthermore, by utilising such screens, individuals in meetings will be free to use their computers for reference rather than needing to keep them on a video conference screen at all times to ensure they know what is going on.

Finally, such solutions will also simply make a company appear far more professional. Whilst using online tools may save companies money, if it appears that you need to watch every single penny you spend, those you are dealing with may assume that you are not as successful as you may claim and in turn may have less faith in what you can offer as a result. In other words, whilst being extremely practical, such conferencing facilities will also simply vastly improve your image, something that may well be worth the cost of such installations alone.

Using video conferencing solutions will ultimately save companies a fortune in travel costs and even in terms of wining and dining potential guests. Not only will the cost of travel be removed when using such conferencing tools, but the time taken travelling can also be taken out of the equation, ultimately saving businesses a fortune, especially when dealing with those from another country. So whilst there may be free options available, these will offer very little for businesses, and paying out for professional, high-quality equipment will be a very cost-effective approach to doing business in the long-term.

About the Author – Adam Howes is a freelance writer who regularly engineers for national and international touring bands. He regularly contributes articles to companies such as Project Audio Visual.

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