Install The Seventh Sense Of Driving Safety

Applying the seventh sense in life could save you from many things. Unfortunately, only a some of us are aware of any other sense apart from the five that we learned in school. Some neurologists can identify over ten senses experienced by human beings. Both the sixth (feeling) sense and seventh (emotion) sense work closely together, and being perceptive will make this apparent.

When it comes to road safety, the concepts of the nervous system and human emotions play a major role. In addition to helping drivers make the right decisions while driving, the seventh sense is also behind the road safety innovations we see on websites like

The Seventh Sense in Vehicles

Just like human beings, vehicles are now being developed with numerous interconnected sensors to give them something like emotions. All these developments are aimed at enhancing safety even without much human intervention. Here are some of the capabilities the cars have.

  • ABS braking system – even though this is seen as a norm and standard package for vehicles nowadays, the technology behind it is quite effective. The braking system primarily prevents skidding and reduces the chances of accidents through a stable steering control.
  • Anti-collision sensors – surprisingly, the cars with this capability can come to a complete stop before hitting an object that is either in front or behind the car without the driver depressing the brake pedal. Vehicles have become impressively intelligent nowadays. But wait! How does a vehicle know that there is an object in its way in order to start the braking process? These vehicles have infrared-assisted sensors that send a message to the vehicle’s computer and braking system.
  • Vehicle diagnosis system – gone are the days when mechanics had to use a lot of guesswork to learn what was ailing your car. All they need to do now is to plug in the vehicle scanner and read what problem your vehicle is having. This level of accuracy in dealing with vehicles has not only reduced the cost of maintenance but also plays a major role in improving safety.

The Seventh Sense for Drivers

Drivers also have a major role to play when it comes to road safety. Even though the technology is almost taking care of every aspect of safety, drivers can judge what is right to maintain safety on the road.

  • Obeying the traffic rules – they are meant to safeguard both the driver and others using the roads. Obeying the traffic lights prevents hitting pedestrians and causing a collision with other vehicles. Apart from breaking the law, which can lead to imprisonment, it is inhumane to deny the pedestrians and other drivers their right to use the road.
  • Speed limits – naturally, human beings will always feel concern that they are risking their lives through poor driving habits. Most drivers opt not to speed excessively because they do not want to die or involve passengers in an accident.


The seventh sense acts as a safety guide for drivers. The innovators have also borrowed the concept to make vehicles more intelligent. Future vehicles will have even more emotions than they do today.

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