Korean Newspaper Reported that the Next Nexus is Expected from LG

The newspaper Korea Times reports that LG is working with Internet giants Google, to create the next Android smartphone that will bring the Nexus name. LG has now produced the current Nexus 4, and there are rumors that the Nexus 5 is LG product. It should be noted that there have also been rumors about Google’s cooperation with Sony.


If the Korea Times are true, then the next Nexus smartphone expected in October this year. At that time also expected LG Optimus G2 and it is admitted that the new Nexus will be taken based on the G2 Optimus, just as now the Nexus 4 and G1 Optimus. Yet it is admitted that the Google I / O 2013 will be announced on the Android 4.3 version, but not excluded that, in honor of the Nexus 5 would appear in Android 5.0 version.

Also there are rumors that the Nexus 4 will finally be added to the LTE Nexus 7-to-date and receive Snapdragon čipkopu. New devices announcement Google I / O 2013 is not expected.

For some time, rumors circulated that Google novelty Motorola ready for the next Nexus device, but nothing more is known. Whatever the outcome, and reliable communications even have to wait a relatively long time.


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