Mad Catz R.A.T Mouse Game for Fans (Video)

At a time when all companies generally seek to establish their products as convenient as possible, we are seeing on the shelves of various designs, streamlined, hyperbola and parabola flights of fantasy. However, the company believes that the convenience and speed is not dependent on the external appearance. Appearance is only of secondary importance – it could be a company Mad Catz logo.

One of the contact Mad Catz products mice RAT series comprising four rodents – RAT 3, RAT 5, 7 and RAT RAT 9th At first glance, these handlers looks more like some kind of Transformers and accurate instrument hybrids. However, all this can be explained quite simply – this mouse is designed superprecīzai hand size and strength to adapt to each person.


The unique design, a weight system Moving “panelīši” and buttons that make up body, replaceable equipment weight – it’s all created with only one goal – to every man to change mouse shape and other parameters so that playing in practice remains mounted on the body component. What is also needed to ensure the success of computer games.



body is made of metal, on the surface at least five programmable buttons and a laser sensor with 3200 – 5600 dpi, depending on the model. The peculiar mouse is already on sale, the price is $ 49.99, $ 69.99, $ 99.99 and $ 129.99 for the third, fifth, seventh and 9th model, respectively.

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