Uber Mouse for Mac

When you buy a Mac, get set Apple Mighty Mouse mouse. Not bad, just, unfortunately, is not itself the best. The side buttons do not express a click by half the user begins to get down and mousy to break open, caught a breeze to clean. Consequently, the involuntarily ask yourself the question – or there is nothing better?

This is it! Of the many “rodent” strains, which had to keep in hand, I best be catching Logitech MX Revolution. First, it is an elegant, Macintosh industrial design right. In particular, in line with new iMac models. See. figure below:

Second, it is extremely comfortable right hand (forgive me this time, left-handers). Mouse curved body shape is actually very ergonomic. The pleasant feeling of gripping a mouse deeply concave sides worked into porous rubber.

Third, it has 5 buttons and two cops – 9 in total control “lever” that the Logitech website copied Logitech Control Center program can be customized to your user’s needs. Here I would like to highlight in particular the possibility of shortcut buttons on the keyboard. For example, the factory setting for the side buttons (above the thumb) is ⌘ + ⌘ + ← and →, but this shortcut does not work Fainderī. Replacement of ⌘ + [and ⌘ +] we obtain a shortcut that works in Safari and other Web browsers and Fainderī. Side roller may be 3 teams – when turned on, when turned back, or if it is printed on the inside. Very easy to use Exposé or commands for switching between programs or documents. Upstairs behind the existing central roller Spotlight buttons command (⌘ + Space) and I swapped to press the button opens the Finder window. (See picture below). “Fainderu” I use a lot more about the Spotlight search. I would like to commend Logitech for programmers really good mouse button control software development. If set, the program and the mouse driver is suitable for the new Mac OS X “Leopard” system.


But the most interesting part of this mouse has a central roll. From the beginning, it rotates as a normal roller when scrolling feel small roll smoothly “Robin”. But pushing the roller 1 mm inwards and releasing it switches to a second mode when the roller has no hooks and carefully cut it rotates fast and long. (Interestingly, the roller rotation modes can be switched only when the mouse is turned on – the power switch at the bottom of the mouse) Very convenient mode long web pages or documents in scrolling. This free inertial rotation mode is so “sticky” when play with this mouse for an hour at a friend’s, I come home a couple of times instinctively tried to properly spin the wife of Microsoft Mouse Wheel! 🙂 Of course, followed by bitter disappointment …


Logitech MX Revolution cordless laser operates at a frequency of radio waves, and connects to a computer’s USB port with a small plug-in radio transmitter / receiver. Mouse on the side of the battery level indicator and the set is accompanied by a small stand where the mouse can be placed overnight battery charging. Latvian stores costs around U.S. $ 60th When a few days ago a friend of mine offered me to give this mouse for Christmas, I could not refuse! 🙂


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